Welcome to Bersig Photography, where we strive to express your unique
perspective of the world through our lens.  If you are looking for a
photographer that understands every person is different and therefore no
set of standard poses or backdrops can effectively capture your personality
or needs, you have found us.  We specialize in location photography,
bringing our services to you at your convenience. Imagine no more waiting in
line in a cramped studio, while a stressed photographer spends hours trying
to make a small child smile, while your own family becomes more and more
irritated by the wait.

At Bersig Photography, we only book a maximum of 3 portrait sessions per
day, allowing us to concentrate on the important things, such as providing
you and your family the attention it deserves and the service you can depend
on from us.

Please feel free to contact us for a free no obligation quote.
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